WWT Non Rotating Protectors
High-temperature Non-rotating Protectors - NRPs
  • Reduce rotary torque
  • Protect against casing and riser wear
  • Reduce buckling, heat checking, vibration and stick slip


  • Positive protection against casing and riser wear during drilling operations.
  • Significant torque reduction created by our patented fluid bearing design allows for improved ROP.
  • Compatible with most oil-, synthetic- and water-based drilling fluids.
  • Optimum operating performance range of 30 - 250 RPM.
  • Reduces drillstring and surface equipment stress.
  • Each assembly accepts up to 30,000 lbs. of axial force before slippage.
  • Installation time: less than 1 minute.
  • Free, no-obligation confidential torque, drag and wear analysis.
  • Global leadership in some of the world’s most challenging drilling environments since 1990.
  • On/off-site technical support and direction.


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