Established in 2006, QSST's purpose is to provide experienced and professional representative services to oilfield related companies wishing to introduce or further develop their businesses within the Norwegian oil and gas market place.
The years of collective experience working for both major operators and service companies by QSST's owners and employees continues to ensure that the Company delivers first class service to both its represented companies and customers alike.
QSST's work force prides itself on delivering innovative and technically superior performance enhancing products and services that continuously provide value added solutions to the Operator.
Many of the products represented by QSST have now become the market leaders within the Norwegian sector of the North Sea and continue to set the standard against which the competition is measured.
Other important goals for the Company include providing a safe, stimulating and enjoyable working environment for its employees as well as ensuring no harm befalls the Norwegian onshore or offshore natural environment from its products, services or personnel. 

Thomas Bakke - Managing Director and CEO
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