BioEx Firefighting Foam

Our business is facing new environmental challenges

The use of so called "fluorine compound" products is a major environmental issue, as these products are persistent, bioaccumulative and potentially toxic. The most recent independent scientific studies show possible impacts on populations. 

BIOex offers a complete line of Fluorine Free Foams

BIOex producs offer fire fighting professionals a wide range of 100% fluorine free ecological foam concentrates.

  • Foam concentrates for oil fires
  • Versatile foam concentrates for chemical risks
  • High Expansion foam concentrates to drown storage
  • Doping foam concentrates for sprinkler protection
  • Additives for forest fires
  • Additives for urban and industrial fires
  • Foam to neutralise toxic gaseous vapours

Depending on their type, these foam concentrates fulfil all of the following applications:

  • Solid class A fires
  • Liquid class B Hydrocarbon fires
  • Liquid class B Polar solvent fires
  • Toxic gaseous vapours
  • Training and field exercises

In line with businesses that are already aware of their Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER), BIOex has undertaken to meet this challenge by offering new generation products, 100% fluorine free, that have proved their effectiveness at responsible customer sites: CIBA, ADISSEO, DOW, EDF, SANOFI, AIRBUS,...

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