Enhanced deployment in problematic formations

The SlickSHOE™ is an eccentric aluminum nosed casing guide shoe that guides casing to TD when ledges or washouts may exist and when a cement nosed guide or float shoe is not considered robust enough.

The SlickSHOE is more robust than a cement-nosed guide or float shoe and is available in most casing sizes and connections. Flexibility is also key to the SlickSHOE which can be provided with shear out flotation plugs and a bullnose or run in conjunction with the NaviGATOR™ to provide end of casing rotation where the full string cannot be rotated.

Customer benefits include a significant reduction in the risk of damage to the casing shoe cement integrity, improved bit performance and longevity as the bit spends less time in hole, fast drillout times and the increased probability of reaching planned TD.


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