Shingleback Stabilizers

Reservoir Group's Shingleback stabilizer reduces costly challenges such as pulling out of hole due to bit balling.

The Shingleback stabilizer has been designed to reduce downhole torque and vibrations to ensure the quality of the hole being drilled. The Shingleback stabilizer's patented design uses premium grade carbides for better wear protection and superior performance.  The large corner radius in blades are thinner, decreasing side wall drag and torque and increasing flow by area - lowering the chances of sticking in the hole. 

Shingleback stabilizers can be customized to your needs from blade length or width, helix angle, total wrap, left or right handed, to fishing neck lengths. 



No welding

Eliminates cracking fromheat effected zones

Helical positioned carbide

Ensures one piece protects the next

Narrower width blades

Reduction of vibration and torque

Melon profile blades profiled milled waterways to fishing neck profile

Increases flow by

No bottom hole fishing neck

Nearbit gets as close to the bit as possible


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