Hydraulic C-Plate

The Hydraulic C-Plate is engineered for the safe and efficient make-up of tool string connections. 

Typically used when working within lifting frames on semisubmersible rigs and offshore installations, the Hydraulic C-Plate delivers when working at heights where it can be difficult to correctly align the tool string connections.

The Hydraulic C-Plate is designed for superior performance. It provides sufficient stroke to allow for the safe make-up of most small diameter connections and eliminates the need for radio communication or for manipulations of the CT string, lifting frame winch, or crown block. The C-Plate is operated by the use of a hydraulic hand pump giving the operator full control of raising and lowering the tool string.

Combining the Hydraulic C-Plate with our Quick Connect Sub helps eliminate the need for a hydraulic tong for tool string make-up.


Safe and efficient tool string make-up

Eliminated radio communication

Eliminates movement of CT or blocks

Reduces risk of personal injury

Reduces risk of equipment damage

Compact lightweight design




Load Rating

4,500 Kg

Unit Weight


Bespoke models can be made on request 

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