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Are you looking for an economical, innovative and quality laser engraver machine?

Laser marking is the most highest and flexibility solution to differentiate industrial products and facilitate their traceability. Laser engraver technology is used for industrial marking, for example to engrave codes such as Data Matrix or QR-Code, tracking products, but also for highly aesthetic markings that can improve or beautify the product. How does it work? During the laser marking process, a beam of intense light is directed onto the surface to be worked and driven with moving mirrors or with a plotter head to create the image. Regardless of the type of engraving you perform, it is essential to have efficient, accurate and professional laser engraver, so don't waste time and money with low quality instruments, but rely on laser marking experts, such as Automator International.

Laser Engraver

Our company has a wide range of products that includes all the technologies currently available in laser marking:

Furthermore, Automator has developed EuGENIUSTM, the new versatile and easy-to-use proprietary software that allows you to mark almost every surface and every material. DISCOVER EuGENIUS

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