Automator Dot Peen Marking

Automator International dot peen marking: for an impeccable final result!
The dot peen marking technologies offer by Automator International are many and capable of responding to the needs of any customer: compact integration devices, bench-top systems, portable micro-point markers and even universal controllers. Whether it is controlled or vibrated micro-dot marking, aspects such as speed and depth make it possible to work on multiple materials such as burnished, wood, ceramic, glass, aluminum, silicon
Dot peen marking stand out thanks to proprietary software with a flexible interface, which allows a graphic freedom of absolute value: the management of serial numbers, geometric figures, fixed or variable texts, logos, Datamatrix and codes in various formats become customizable aspects. Furthermore, all Automator dot peen marking systems and software are managed thanks to the innovative AC 500 universal controller with 7 "touch screen display, with USB interface and I / O port: easy to install and use, allows the operator to work simply and quickly, even without specific knowledge of design or planning programs. The creation of programs on the PC is also possible, which can be easily transferred to the AC500 Controller with a USB key or via the USB connection. If the objective is a specific type of engraving, Automator International dot peen marking are just right for you.
The heart of our peen marking systems: the AC500 Universal Controller
  • Universal, touch screen, easy to use
  • Extremely precise and reliable
  • Easy integration with PLCs and Host Computers
  • TTF, 2D codes, arcs and logos
  • Unlimited range of stored marking programs
 The Automator Universal Controller AC500, with a 7″ touch screen display, allows an easy and intuitive navigation in the software program, thanks to its stylus pen. Equipped with Serial port, USB interface and I / O connector, located on the rear, the controller is available in both bench and panel version for integrations.  
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