BIO FOAM Multi expansion fluorine free foam
Multi-expansion, fluorine free, synthetic foam concentrate effective on hydrocarbon fires

Effective on hydrocarbon fires

BIO FOAM foam concentrates have been designed to generate High expansion firefighting foam and to put out hydrocarbon fires. Depending on the equipment used BIO FOAM can also generate Low and Medium expansion firefighting foam.  They are recommended for use where large volumes of finished foam are required, such as aircraft hangers, ships holds, car parks etc.


The BIOex R&D department has designed BIO FOAM firefighting foam concentrates with the intention of being totally fluorine derivative free.  BIO FOAM is biodegradable.  It deteriorates quickly without any PBT residues (Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxins). 

Depending on the type of sewage treatment station you use and the arrangements for its use, BIO FOAM foaming agents can be flushed away and do not require incineration.  


  • Effective with Low, Medium and High Expansion
  • Applicable on hydrocarbon fires such as fuel, diesel oil, petrol, kerosene, etc.
  • Compatible with all dosage systems (contains corrosion inhibitors)
  • Can be used in mobile and fixed fire fighting systems (foam box, High Expansion generators, fire hose stations, etc.)
  • Feature:
          - Freeze protection up to -15°C available.
Certificates & Compliances
  • European standards: EN 1568-2
  • Marine: VERITAS
Warranty 10 years


Perfectly suited to putting out fuel fires. Ideal for flooding large volumetric spaces with finished foam. 
BIO FOAM is available in 2 versions depending on the required anti-freeze protection.


Usable at concentrations from 2%. 


Usable at concentrations from 2%. Freeze protection up to -15°C.

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