WedgeTail Roller Reamer

Reliable Sealed Bearing Roller Reamer

  • Reduced torque, stick slip and vibration
  • Improved bit performance and extended BHA component life
  • Assured full gauge hole, with better log quality and easier casing running
  • Reduced need for time consuming back reaming
  • Increased ROP

All well known benefi ts of running Roller Reamers, instead of fi xed blade stabilizers, but often not realized due to the inherent risks of running traditional tools that were built for ease of manufacture, rather than durability, ease of use and reliability.

X Drilling Tools® (XDT?) has developed a superior Roller Reamer to provide enhanced run life with a unique and robust retention mechanism, allowing dependable reliability. An innovative stationary pressure equalization system ensures that the seals within each roller cartridge, and the sealed journal bearing they protect, enjoy a greatly extended life, complimenting the premium grade carbide that retains full gauge.

The patented 'Taloc®' locking mechanism utilizes two opposing tapered conical wedges, which focus the locking forces along the body of the tool. This allows a narrower pocket, for increased Flow-By area, but creates much higher locking forces that ensure full roller retention; yet the simple design facilitates safe cartridge replacement in a matter of minutes. The longitudinal locking mechanism also places less stress on the radial pocket design, and XDT® have never had a WedgeTail crack in the pocket...ever!

Features & Benefits

  • One piece roller cartridge for ease of maintenance, safety and security
    Self locating, self orientating to a truly neutral alignment
    No residual stresses prior, during or after dressing
    Extremely easy to maintain
  • Unique longitudinal locking mechanism: stronger retention, narrower pockets
    Greater fl ow-by area
  • Shorter upset length
    Reduced hole choking
  • Greater carbide effi ciency - carbide positioned in helical pattern around cutters
    Constant 3 point wall contact, for better surface fi nish on hole
  • Bi-directional rollers as standard
    Allow constant back reaming
    Allow 90% of premium carbide to be placed on gauge diameter
    Ensure forces are transmitted equally over the centre of bearing shaft
  • Advanced stationary pressure equalization
    No moving parts ensure 100% reliability
  • Stress relieved body profi le to enhance fl ushing and cooling of cutters
    Allows body fl ex, for reduced fatigue
    Allows communication of fl ow-by areas
  • High temperature rating of seals and grease to 220°C


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